(3-30-23) Today the Outlook received an email that was signed ‘Celina Parent’.

Do you know if it is true a student was arrested yesterday from the high school drunk.

Emails, that contained the email we received, were sent to both Celina City Schools and the Celina Police Department and we asked for verification and any other details.

Celina Schools Superintendent Dr. Kenneth J. Schmiesing has already replied with the following —

I am sorry, but we are only able to share information regarding students and their discipline with their parents/legal guardians.

Celina Municipal Court records shows that there was an arrest made by the Celina Police Department for underage possession and consumption of an 18 year old Celina resident on Wednesday. The name of that person charged is the same name as the name sent to the Outlook by ‘Celina Parent‘.

The individual, who is out on a $2,000 (10%) bond, is scheduled for their next hearing in Celina Municipal Court on Monday, April 3rd at 1:30 pm.

Court records also show that the same individual had been arrested on the same charge on 3-11-23.

The hearing was held on 3-20-23 with the individual claiming ‘ no contest‘ and a a guilty charge by the Judge Speelman was filed and $222.50 in total fines were issued.

EDITOR’s NOTE: At this time the Outlook will not disclose the name of the individual.