Editorial by the Outlook’s Dave Schmidt

(3-1-23) Many years ago I went to a Lima Locos game with my friend Grinny Fox, we wanted to see if a team in the Great Lakes Summer Collegiate League would be a good fit for Celina. The next day I sent a note to the Commissioner Lou Laslo who would immediately reply and schedule a meeting.

That was an exciting time for the starting of the Grand Lake Mariners, some 30 years later and the team continues to prosper. Dedicated members that first year Rec Director Jim Hoess, Snuffy Smith, Bill Montgomery, Jeff Ingraham, Scott Anderson, Todd Yohey, Mike Buettner and others made it happen. Two coaches on that first team included Tom and Mark Brunswick, their dad, Hall of Famer Lou, told me that first year…’Dave you did a good thing‘. It wasn’t easy Eastview Park had a short center field that had to be adjusted, funding had to be secured and the work began.

A lot has changed since that time and the present volunteers that run the Mariners today have done a great job…even surviving the pandemic. The Mariners over the years has produced Major League players and has had players from all over the US on the roster. There has even been at least one very successful marriage between a player and a local young lady from the early years.

One thing that has not changed…is the City of Celina officials…during those first years they wanted to have their say in every matter….even though they have never offered to help. Complaining every step of the way even pushing a possible financial partner from St. Louis in Marsahll Laskey. Despite that the Mariners continued…

Again the Celina Council members have decided to be the ‘bullies’ in this remodeling of Montgomery Field –

Daily Standard story after this week’s council meeting –

City councilors said the Grand Lake Mariners organization can proceed with a series of updates to Montgomery Field but stressed a new agreement must lay out the terms and conditions of the facility, including financial responsibilities.

Instead of supporting the Mariners organization they want to have their input…really? Without this group Montgomery Field would still have a dirt infield and a short centerfield. Do they not realize that this is something to be proud of …a quality baseball facility that also hosts WSU-Lake, Celina High and Celina ACME baseball teams. Plus the future possibility of high school tournament games and ACME State tournaments.

The message to the current Celina City Administration and city council…stop WHINING and do your part in making this all work.

Listen to the committee meeting (courtesy WCSM) by the Celina City Council as a whole to discuss the Montgomery Field Project