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Sidney Daily News Facing Major Changes

(2-22-23) According to a news release by the Sidney Daily News major changes will soon be taking place, both in print and online.

Highlights from the release —In the community news industry, we also feel the strain of rising costs. It’s not just the gas for local reporters to cover assignments, our salespeople to meet with our businesses or our local carriers to deliver the newspapers. It’s also the newsprint that rolls across our presses, the ink that prints these words, the healthcare benefits we provide to our employees and every other supply you can imagine.Inflationary costs are the major reason the largest 15 companies in our industry have closed more than 200 papers just since the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

Beginning the week of Feb. 28 the printing and distribution of Sidney Daily News will change. Our subscribers will start receiving their printed newspaper and digital e-edition Wednesdays and Saturdays along with expanded daily updates seven days a week on our website. The printed paper will continue to be delivered by the USPS.

The Sidney Daily News website has been enhanced with changes: freshening the site with a sharper, crisper, cleaner easier-to-read look; tailoring categories that are important to our readers; and adding more content throughout the day. The new website will be flush with not only local news, but regional, state, national news, and events. The website will also have lifestyle news, events, puzzles, and comics – it’s all part of your subscription package.


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