(1-19-23) The high price of eggs is one that continues to rise around the US. So why is it so high?

Some of the reasons given –

  • Egg prices jumped 59% in December 2022, more than any other grocery category, according to the consumer price index.
  • Bird flu is the primary culprit, economists said. Millions of egg-laying hens died in 2022 as a result of the deadliest outbreak of avian flu in U.S. history.57 million birds were culled because of the influenza virus across 47 states, according to data from the USDA
  • Chicken prices have been declining. Chickens raised for meat consumption aren’t as affected by bird flu,.

Average Price: Eggs, Grade A, Large (Cost per Dozen) in U.S. City Average

The median cost of a dozen eggs in the U.S. remains $4.25—over twice what it was a year ago. California, egg prices are as high as $7 for a dozen.

Jim Chakeres, Executive Vice President of the Ohio Poultry Association

“The prices that we see in the grocery store for everything have gone up due to the cost of labor and transportation, fuel costs, packaging. All of those things that are affecting everything that the consumer purchases also are affecting eggs and then it’s kind of another layer on top of it, with the avian influenza.”

Prices of eggs at a box store – 1-19-23

Did you know…

Raising chickens in your backyard continues to grow around the US.

9th Ward Alderman Bill Rose

“In some cases, it will be for eggs. In other cases, it could just be a family pet, but most of the people that are interested in it want it for egg production, and with the increases in eggs throughout the country, it could be something that could potentially save families lots of dollars.”

The “Hen Ordinance” did not pass city council (5 yes, 9 no) on January 9th, but this was not the first, or last, time that this issue will be discussed.