(12-23-22) According to an indybay.org story … the farm’s operations manager, Eddie Meyer said, Lion Farms USA located in Van Wert County on Hoaglin Rd., .the largest mink farm in the U.S. is closing today and is selling the business.

In mid-November a person or persons broke into the farm and released thousands of minks.

The story goes on to say…one group may be responsible for the releasing of the minks in November.

The Animal Liberation Front (ALF) and other anonymous activists utilize economic sabotage in addition to the direct liberation of animals from conditions of abuse and imprisonment to halt needless animal suffering.

In a Delphos Herald story Meyer said –

“From what I understand the owner, Rien Leeijen sold the farm or is going to sell the farm or they’re in negotiations with Cooper Farms here in Van Wert. Now what they’re planning on doing with it, I don’t know. Cooper Farms doesn’t know anything about mink but they do know about turkeys so maybe that’ll be the next big turkey barn. I don’t know.”

The investigation is still ongoing with hopes of finding the person(s) responsible for the release of the minks in November.

Animal Liberation Front (ALF)…courtesy Wikepedia

The Animal Liberation Front (ALF) is an international, leaderless, decentralized political and social resistance movement that engages in and promotes non-violent direct action in protest against incidents of animal cruelty. It originated in the 1970s from the Bands of Mercy. Participants state it is a modern-day underground railroad, removing animals from laboratories and farms, destroying facilities, arranging safe houses, veterinary care and operating sanctuaries where the animals subsequently live.[2 Critics have labelled them as eco-terrorists.

Active in over 40 countries, ALF cells operate by consisting of small groups of friends and sometimes just one person, which makes the movement difficult for the authorities to monitor. Robin Webb of the Animal Liberation Press Office has said:

“That is why the ALF cannot be smashed, it cannot be effectively infiltrated, it cannot be stopped. You, each and every one of you: you are the ALF.”