(12-2-22) Early this morning Hardin County Sheriff Keith Everheart received the ‘Magic Call’…a donor liver was found for his much needed transplant. He has been on the list for several weeks. The transplant was already scheduled for this afternoon at Indiana University Hospital in Indianapolis.

NOTE: Will update progress of this story

While the Sheriff was very thankful, he also was aware of what the donor family was going through at this time. He wrote in Facebook….

As I’m being driven to IU Hospital my thoughts are with the donor family. May god put his loving arms around them as they deal with the death of their loved one. As happy as I am I cannot help but feel a little guilty. This was obviously the donors wish and I will be forever indebted to the donor and the donors family. Please say a prayer for them to find some comfort to day and in the future over their loss.

During Thanksgiving he posted what he was thankful for during this wait for his ‘Magic Call’.