Pictured are Ms. Toma Hainline and Brock Walley.

(10-7-22) C.A.N.D.L.E.S. Holocaust Museum and Education Center in Terra Haute, Indiana, recently sponsored an essay contest for “An Evening of Light” dedicated to those that teach and want to learn more about the Holocaust. The essay was to relate events in a student’s life with the four messages of life that Eva Kor (a Holocaust survivor) lived by: 1. Never, ever give up; 2. Prevent prejudice; 3. Forgive your worst enemy; and 4. Be the change.

Three Celina students in Holocaust and Civil Rights classes decided to take on this challenge and tell their stories. Camdin Bayman, Sarah Giesige, and Brock Walley. After hundreds of entries were read, all three students were in the TOP FIFTEEN of entrants NATIONWIDE! One of the two national WINNERS was our very own, Brock Walley!

Brock and a parent will receive two free tickets to “An Evening of Light” at the Indiana Historical Society in downtown Indianapolis. Speakers that night include Michael Berenbaum (scholar, rabbi, filmmaker, & designer of the US Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC) and Stephen D. Smith (who was chosen by Steven Spielberg to run the Shoah Foundation at USC, and along with his wife, came up with the idea to make holograms of Holocaust victims before they pass away so their stories may live on.)

All three of our Celina students have been invited to attend this once in a lifetime event which includes: The Eva Kor exhibit, dinner, awards presentation, and the abovementioned speakers on October 22, 2022.