Jay County Marching Band at Indiana State Fair

(8-7-22) The Jay County Marching Band finished another successful season finishing in 7th place at the Indiana State Fair Band Competition.

Indiana State Fair Band Day coordinator, Doug Fletcher

“This year marks the 75th Indiana State Fair Band Day, We are absolutely Thrilled to have 39 bands performing today as we celebrate this milestone year. Today is a true celebration for all of the bands performing.”

The top 10 finishers in finals competition Friday night, according to the Indiana State Fair, were:

  1. Kokomo High School (96.3)
  2. Winchester Community High School (93.95)
  3. Muncie Central High School  (92.575)
  4. Anderson High School (91.7)
  5. Centerville High School (90.825)
  6. Lebanon High School (90.788)
  7. Jay County High School (90.62)
  8. Yorktown High School (83.113)
  9. Northeastern High School (81.375)
  10. Greensburg Comm., North Decatur Jr./Sr. High Schools (78.075)

Other local high school bands who did not qualifying for finals were Cowan/Daleville, Blackford, Henry County, Monroe Central and Randolph Southern. A total of 39 bands competed.

On a Facebook posting Jay County Band Director Charles Michael Roesch posted the following:

Congratulations on a fantastic 2022 season, Marching Patriots! There is so much to be proud of after last night’s show.

To the students, I watched you all grow and improve so much over the course of these past few weeks—from a bunch of individuals that would barely interact within their section into a unified group that jokes with and cares about each other. Not only that, but with each day you welcomed myself and my family into yours. We truly saw the process of everybody shifting from the mindset of I/Me to We/Us within a short amount of time.

You guys took each idea the staff had and worked it into the show, consistently showing determination to perform it well because of your pride in our program. Along the way you learned to trust yourselves and each other—and to keep the learning fun.

Thank you to our summer band staff for your insight, ideas and input that not only helped my transition into the program, but always put the students and their needs first with every learning moment!

Thank you Band Boosters for the unmatched support and time dedicated to our students, meeting all of our resource needs and hosting community events. Thank you to our bus drivers for taking care of our most precious cargo to and from every destination. Thank you to our equipment drivers for making sure we had all we needed when we got there. Thank you to the administration for all of the facility support needed to have our season. And finally, thank you to every community member, church and business that donated goods, money and services to the boosters for our Promotional Committee.

I’m so blessed and excited to be working with you and our Patriot band family! YOU are the reason that Jay County feels like home. ❤️🤍💙

Mr. R🎵