(7-30-22) Hicksville Police responded to 200 West High Street, the Shell Spee-D-Mart on reports of an armed robbery around 1:34 a.m. Two minutes before, police say two men entered the store, waving guns and demanding cash.

The suspects stole money and lottery tickets, and fled the scene on foot. Defiance County Sheriff’s Office K-9 tracked them to where officers believe they fled the scene in a vehicle. It’s unknown what kind of vehicle they were driving.

Police describe one suspect as 6’0-6’2 feet tall, black hoody, black pants, black and white tennis shoes wearing a Cleveland Indians hat and a facemask. The other suspect is 5’7-5’9 feet tall, wearing diamond earrings, has facial hair, dark blue pants and shirt, and a black hat with red brim and lettering.

They are considered armed and dangerous. Anyone with information, call the Hicksville Police Department at 419-542-6661 or message them on Facebook.