(7-25-22) COLUMBUS – The Ohio Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee (OCCPAC) today announced theendorsement of 17 candidates for the Ohio Legislature– for 3 Ohio Senate seats and 14 Ohio House seats – in the August 2 primary election. The Ohio Chamber endorsed 3 Democrats and 14 Republicans for election to office.

Jacob Larger

“I am honored to be recognized by the Ohio Chamber of Commerce PAC as a proven leader who will support our businesses throughout West Central Ohio, as we build an environment of economic growth to ensure Ohio is the best place to work and live.”

Ohio Chamber CEO Steve Stivers

“Following a detailed, rigorous interview process, the OCCPAC is confident these candidates understand the needs of the Ohio business community and will champion legislation that benefits the state’s economic climate. The OCCPAC is proud to endorse these candidates for office.”

Endorsed candidates for Senate include:

• Senator Nathan Manning (R) – Ohio’s 13th Senate District

• Representative Shane Wilkin (R) – Ohio’s 17th Senate District 

• John Barnes (D) – Candidate running in Ohio’s 21st Senate District

In the House, OCCPAC is endorsing:

• Representative Dontavius Jarrells (D) – Ohio’s 1st House District 

• Representative Bride Rose Sweeney (D) – Ohio’s 16thHouse District

• Lindsay Cole (R) – Candidate running in Ohio’s 27th House District

• Chris Monzel (R) – Candidate running in Ohio’s 28th House District

• Representative Bill Seitz (R) – Ohio’s 30th House District

• Adam Mathews (R) – Candidate running in Ohio’s 56thHouse District

• Representative Mark Fraizer (R) – Ohio’s 68th House District

• Representative Brian Lampton (R) – Ohio’s 70th House District

Representative Susan Manchester (R) – Ohio’s 78th House District

• Roy Klopfenstein (R) – Candidate running in Ohio’s 82ndHouse District

• Ted Penner (R)– Candidate running in Ohio’s 82nd House District

Jacob Larger (R) – Candidate running in Ohio’s 84th House District

• Representative Brian Baldridge (R) – Ohio’s 90th House District 

• Representative Darrell Kick (R) – Ohio’s 98th House District 

The OCCPAC, which finds and directs resources toward reliable Ohio General Assembly candidates, is committed to free enterprise and making Ohio’s business climate the most competitive in the country. These endorsed candidates have consistently proven their support for Ohio’s business community and pro-growth policies that benefit all Ohioans. 

OCCPAC utilizes a member-driven approach to endorsing candidates for elected office in Ohio, which entails a robust process that analyzes policy positions, as well as highlights expertise on various issues. Additional factors applying to both incumbent and non-incumbent candidates include a candidate survey, personal interviews with candidates, input from member businesses and input from in-district stakeholders.

Of the 17 endorsed candidates, 10 are current members of the Ohio legislature; the remaining 7 are running for open Ohio House and Senate seats. Еаch of the endorsed candidates actively sought the OCCPAC endorsement. The OCCPAC expects to issue additional endorsements later in the year for the November general election.

Created in 1978, OCCPAC exists to unify and strengthen the voice of business in Ohio politics.