(7-15-22) Kevin E. Kearney (44) of Hartford City was accused of trying to kill his wife and was charged Wednesday in Blackford Circuit Court with attempted murder, a Level 1 felony with the maximum of 40 years in prison.

Hartford City Police found Kearney holding a handgun to his wife’s chest and she claimed later that he had earlier pointed the gun at her head and indicated the firearm had malfunctioned when he tried to shoot her.

Two witnesses told police that they had knocked the gun out of Kearney’s hands and that earlier he had pointed the gun at one of them.

Kearney told police he did not threaten to harm his wife, but that he had only threatened to shoot himself.

Kearney faces other charges filed against him…two counts each of intimidation, a Level 5 felony carrying up to six years in prison and pointing a firearm, a Level 6 felony with a maximum of a 30-month sentence.

Kearney is being held without bond in the Blackford County Jail.