(7-4-22) Authorities on Sunday released video of the fatal shooting of motorist Jayland Walker after Akron police say he fled a traffic stop last week.

The eight officers directly involved in the shooting have been placed on administrative leave, and the city canceled its four-day Fourth of July festival as city leaders wait for the results of an investigation into Walker’s death.

Videos released Sunday show officers converging on Walker’s silver Buick at the end of a chase. Walker apparently exits the car in a ski mask. Akron Police Chief Stephen Mylett said it appeared that Walker reached toward his waist during a foot chase and briefly turned toward officers. They opened fire.

Video showed a gun on the front seat of Walker’s car, Mylett said video appeared to show the flash of a gun from the car during the chase.

Mylett said the medical examiner found about 60 wounds on Walker’s body, although the exact number of shots fired has not been determined.

Mylett said that when the shooting stopped the officers immediately attempted to provide care to Walker, but that he died at the scene. The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation is conducting the investigation at the request of Akron police.

NAACP President Derrick Johnson issued a statement

“This wasn’t self-defense, it wasn’t an accident in the heat of the moment, it was murder. Point blank. This Black man was killed – struck more than 60 times by 90 fired bullets – for a possible traffic violation. This doesn’t happen to white people in America.”