(6-13-22) This afternoon on a Facebook posting the ownership posted the following about why they will be closing for the summer –

We would like to share with our customers that a tough decision has been made to close for the summer. Rumors may spread but we would like to be upfront and honest. Our hope is to reopen in the Fall. We have been closely watching prices increase weekly and sometimes daily. We are trying to be wise to the current situation. Some may not agree with our decision and that’s OK. We know from talking to vendors and other restaurant owners that we are trying to be proactive. The summer season is usually slower due to parties, festivals, etc. This will give the employees a break to enjoy their summer as well and we will not have to worry about being short staffed. There is honestly no other reason for the decision other than what has been stated. The economy is tough and it’s hard to find help. That doesn’t mean we closing for good, it simply means we are taking a break. Our final day open will be this Friday June 17th. We hope to see you all back in the fall!

The Chatt Bar is located on SR 49 just south of Willshire –