(2-14-22) The membership of St. Paul’s Country Church of Rockford, located at 1538 Oregon Road, Rockford, OH, over the course of two years, made the decision to become an Independent Church in the Fall of 2021. They voted to disassociate  from the United Church of Christ denomination, researched other denominations, chose to be an Independent Church and renamed their church. Their name is legally changed to St. Paul’s Country Church of Rockford and all legal and official paperwork has been completed.

The membership invites anyone looking for a Bible based church to join us at weekly worship services on Sundays at 10 AM, and weekly Sunday School at 9:30 AM.  Children’s Church/Message is the first,
third and fifth Sundays during the worship service. Two retired pastors are filling the pulpit, and provide meaningful messages from the Bible: Rev. Steve Howell and Rev. Doug Meyer. Occasionally, other pastors fill in including Tom Sanford and Larry May and other guest speakers.

Weekly news releases are placed in the area newspapers including: www.parkwayindependent.com; The Photo Star; http://www.MercerCountyOutlook.net; and The Daily Standard. The church FaceBook page is St. Paul’s Country Church of Rockford.  St. Paul’s is a 155 year old traditional church welcoming you.

Please call Becky Jo Shope at 419-942-1374 or 419-363-2227 for more information.