(1-30-22) In a response to an email request from the Outlook to Mercer County Sheriff Jeff Grey on several cases of interest the following reply was received –

Ezra Siegrist

Ezra Siegrist is an open and active case. Similar to the Zimmerman case (bones found in 2016 at state park) that was just solved, the detectives and I continue to meet and discuss the investigation. For obvious reasons, I cannot share more on this case at this time, but it is a continuing active investigation that we hope to bring to resolution. 

I am trying to be as transparent as possible without jeopardizing the Siegrist case.  

Bryant Rhoades

Regarding Bryant Rhoades, we reached out to numerous labs-during the investigation.  Some labs were government labs, some were private labs. We have received all the information these labs were able to provide. 

We do have a full female DNA profile that we announced early in the investigation, but have not been able to identify. This means the DNA profile is not in any databases. The perpetrators told us she was killed to keep her quiet and her remains were disposed of. We have not located them. 

Something was filed recently with the prosecutor on the Rhoades case, but the Sheriff’s Office would not be involved in that. That goes to the prosecutor. We would, of course, assist the prosecutor gathering information, upon his request. Questions on Rhoades should be directed to the Prosecutor’s Office. I have tried to be transparent on this case too.