(12-10-21) Ohio doctors who fail to give medical care in the extremely rare circumstance when a baby is born alive following an abortion attempt would face criminal penalties under legislation (SB 157) that passed the Ohio House Wednesday.

SB 157 would require physicians to report cases of babies born alive after abortions or attempted abortions, and bar abortion clinics from working with doctors who teach at state-funded hospitals and medical schools.

Reactions from both sides of this legislation:

Kersha Deibel CEO of Planned Parenthood Southwest Ohio Region

“Right now, we’re at a crisis point for abortion access in Ohio and across the country. Anti-abortion politicians have made it their job to bury abortion providers under so many TRAP laws that providing and accessing essential health care to Ohioans has become an obstacle course.”

Mary Parker, director of legislative affairs at Ohio Right to Life

“This vital anti-infanticide legislation will ensure that a baby who survives a botched abortion receives life-saving care,”