UPDATED: 11-16-21 – David Carter Hines has been identified as the suspect in this investigation. David also has 2 active warrants for his arrest, 1 Felony and 1 Misdemeanor, both out of Adams County. If you see David, please call 9-1-1 immediately. If you have information on his whereabouts, please contact the Adams County Sheriff’s Office @ 260-724-5345.

(11-15-21) The Adams County Sheriff’s Office NEEDS YOUR HELP investigating a hit-and run crash at CMA Auto in Berne. Do you recognize either of these vehicles or the male driver.

On Saturday evening, November 13, 2021 at around 11:36 pm, a dark blue Chevrolet passenger car (possibly Cruze) was seen on surveillance footage pulling into and parking in the sales lot for CMA Auto, where it met with another passenger car, (SUSPECT VEHICLE) a silver/white Chevrolet (possibly Malibu) with blacked out rims. The silver/white Chevrolet was being driven by a white male who appeared to have a goatee and was wearing a bright red Chief’s sweatshirt and blue jeans. The male exited his vehicle and got into the blue Chevrolet, and that vehicle left the scene. A few hours later, the blue car returned and dropped off the suspect, and both vehicle left together, northbound from CMA Auto towards Berne.

The next evening (Sunday, November 14, 2021) the silver/white Chevrolet returned to CMA Auto around 9:00 pm and again parked in the same parking lot. This time, no other vehicle met with his, and at around 11:18 pm, the silver/white Chevrolet began driving north through the parking lot, crashing into 2 parked vehicles. Both parked vehicle are believed to be totaled, for a loss of approximately $10,000-$25,000. The Chevrolet then backed away from the scene of the crash, turned around, and the male exited the vehicle. Surveillance footage appears to show him relieving himself in the middle of the driveway of the business, get back into his car, and again leave CMA Auto, northbound, towards Berne.

No attempt was made to contact CMA Auto about the damage.

If you have any information on this incident, please contact Deputy Daniel Heckard.