The Medical, Educational and Development (MED) Foundation of Mercer Health recently received a $15,000 grant from the Mercer County Civic Foundation to purchase a LUCAS 3 Chest Compression System for Mercer County Community Hospital’s Inpatient Services department. LUCAS systems are used to deliver consistent and high-quality chest compressions during CPR and are proven to increase the chance of positive patient outcomes.

Prior to receiving the grant funding, Mercer Health had one LUCAS device available in the Emergency Department that would have to be quickly transported up multiple flights of stairs in the event of an inpatient experiencing cardiac arrest. In addition, if the Emergency Department had the LUCAS in use and an inpatient experienced cardiac arrest, there was no backup device available.

Deb Hemmelgarn, Director of the MED Foundation,

“We extend our sincere gratitude to the Mercer County Civic Foundation for the grant funds to purchase an additional LUCAS system. It will undoubtedly save lives in the many years it is in operation.”

Each year, approximately 2,380 people receive inpatient care at Mercer Health and any of them could need lifesaving CPR at any time. In 2020, the LUCAS was needed 35 times and has been needed more 20 times to date in 2021. A secondary LUCAS available on the second floor provides patients with faster access to more effective CPR, reduces the risk of patient and staff injury and improves the opportunity for positive patient outcome.

Linda Finke, Director of Inpatient Services at Mercer Health

“Manual chest compressions are physically taxing and are difficult to perform long term. The LUCAS improves quality of care by administering consistent compressions for as long as necessary. It also frees up resources, allowing our team to focus their skills and judgment on other life-saving tasks.”

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Pictured in the front row (left to right): Dr. Alyssa Tobe, Linda Finke, Director of Inpatient Services, Donna Jutte, RN, and Megan Knoth, RN; back row (left to right): Carmen Lundvall, Inpatient Tech, Jon Dingledine, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operations Officer, and Deb Hemmelgarn, Director of MED Foundation.

About the Mercer County Civic Foundation

The Mercer County Civic Foundation awards grants to local charitable organizations annually based on the breadth of community members served, the stability of the program and the quality of the services offered, among other important factors. The funding provided to Mercer Health will provide immeasurable benefit to the community in the continuously improving quality of care provided to our patients.

About the MED Foundation

The MED Foundation of Mercer Health, established in December of 1988 by a group of community leaders and hospital administration, aims to cultivate philanthropic relationships to provide for enhancements and for educational support for the future of health care services within our community. To make a donation, or to learn more, visit or contact Deb Hemmelgarn at 419-678-5679 or