(11-3-21) On Monday, October 18th, The Mercer County Prevention Coalition hosted two Seller-Server Trainings held for alcohol permit holders and servers. The previous Seller-Server Training was held in April 2019.

Agent Michael Coopman from the Ohio Investigative Unit presented information on the A.S.K. program (Alcohol Server Knowledge). The Ohio state course is designed for bartenders, sellers, and servers and was filled with knowledge and techniques to become a responsible server/seller of alcohol and liquor regulations.  Covering topics such as:  how to protect yourself and your establishment from liability, how to check IDs, how to identify a fake ID, levels of intoxication, recognizing the signs of intoxication, recognizing minors, and interventions.  Agent Coopman also covered what the Ohio penalties and fines are for a business or server who is found in non-compliance. 

There were 26 bartenders, servers and sellers in attendance from the following 14 businesses in Mercer County.  Five participants were from the Celina Moose and 4 from the Celina American Legion Post 210.  Each of the following businesses had 2 in attendance: Duckfoots, McSober’s, It’s It, Wagon Wheel Nite Club, Celina Spirits, Celina Knights of Columbus, Wendeline 2.0, and Celina Fraternal Order of Eagles. There was one participant representing Plaza Bowling Lanes and Romer’s Catering.

The Server-Seller Training is a project of the Mercer County Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) as a result of the 2016 Community Health Assessment, which indicated alcohol/substance abuse as the number one health issue in Mercer County.  Alcohol/substance abuse prevention is also a priority again as a result of our 2019 Community Health Assessment and the Community Health Improvement Plan which is currently being made.

Thank you to all who participated and recognized the importance of keeping our community safe.  Look for future training provided by the Ohio Investigative Unit and the Mercer County Prevention Coalition.  Agent Michael Coopman is available to provide this free training for local businesses who sell alcohol. He can be contacted at 513-942-0610. The A.S.K. program can help businesses: reduce exposure to alcohol liability lawsuits, ensure safety for you, your customer and your community; reduce penalties for alcohol violations; help lower your business’s insurance premiums; improve customer service and professionalism and protect yourself from Ohio liquor law violations!

Thanks to the Mercer County Prevention Coalition for donating two $25 door prize gift certificates at each session.  Thank you  Agent Coopman for teaching this excellent training.

For those interested in joining or finding out more about ways to reduce alcohol and other drug use/abuse in our community, please consider joining the Mercer County Prevention Coalition.  For more information contact mercercountyprevention@gmail.com.