Editorial by the Outlook’s Dave Schmidt

NOTE: This is an opinion piece expressed by the author. It is up to the reader of this editorial to decide what they believe or don’t believe…you absolutely have that right to agree or disagree.

(9-19-21) This weekend while America faces one crisis after another the Biden leadership is not to be found anywhere. President Biden is off in Delaware on another weekend vacation…who knows where VP Kamala Harris is and what she is doing.

So why is it important to have good leadership this weekend?

1- France recalls embassy employees and ambassador over US-Australia nuclear submarine deal

2 – Exit from Afghanistan, Americans still ‘left behind’

3 – Border crisis grows, attempts to hide the problem

4 – Afghan drone attack that killed a civilian worker and 7 children

5 – An American General who made calls to China

6 – COVID 19 mandate…vaccinated vs. unvaccinated

Excuses continue to be the track that the current administration is taking…while also saying they have been successful. They still blame President Trump 9 times out 10.

It is not going to get better anytime soon…next time you fill your tank up at the gas station or ring up your grocery bill, get ready that is only the beginning.

All of the You Tube videos below are not from any US media.