CELINA- The Mercer County Health District (MCHD) continues to provide the COVID-19 vaccine for Mercer County residents. As of today, 32% of the Mercer County population is fully vaccinated. Since Mercer County residents first started to become fully vaccinated in late February, approximately 10% of known hospitalizations among Mercer County residents have been fully vaccinated individuals. Although no vaccine is 100% effective, this statistic suggests that the COVID-19 vaccine is highly effective in preventing severe cases of COVID-19 infection.

Immunocompromised individuals are eligible to receive a third dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. Any individual who meets these criteria is eligible for the third dose at least 28 days after receiving the second shot in the two-dose series of Moderna or Pfizer vaccine. MCHD encourages interested individuals to consult with their physician to determine whether they are eligible for this third dose. When obtaining a third dose of COVID-19 vaccine at MCHD, the client will be required to complete a form documenting that they are eligible for the shot. However, no one will be required to disclose the specific health condition that makes them vulnerable.

If the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)  and Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) recommends a booster dose for the general population, the MCHD will release that information through a media release and social media updates. In addition, the MCHD is making tentative plans to conduct multiple drive-thru COVID-19 vaccination clinics this fall if the FDA and ACIP approve the booster.

On August 23, 2021, the FDA granted full approval to the Pfizer vaccine for people 16 years of age and older. Multiple providers are now offering COVID-19 vaccine in Mercer County. The list below provides the vaccine type and contact information to schedule appointments with each provider. Please note that each provider’s amount and type of vaccine will vary depending on supply and demand.

ProviderVaccine TypeHow to schedule an appt
Mercer County Health DistrictModerna & Pfizer419-586-3251 extension 1462
Kaup PharmacyJohnson & Johnson419-375-2323, Option 3
Mercer Health HospitalModerna567-890-7188 or Mercer Health MyChart
WalmartModerna & Pfizer419-586-6177