(9-6-21) Oakwood, Ohio—This morning at 2:48 a.m., Paulding County Sheriff deputies were dispatched to The Landing Strip Bar, 204 North First Street in the Village of Oakwood for a fight that resulted in a man being shot. The altercation happened outside on the street. 

Known information at this point is Dustin A. Dobbelaere (37) of Defiance, Ohio was engaged in fighting with Joseph L. Schilt (32) from Oakwood, Ohio. At some point, Charles W. Brown (32) from Oakwood, Ohio exited a vehicle with a gun and shot Dobbelaere multiple times. The fight continued as people then assaulted Brown. 

Paulding County Sheriff Landers

“Deputies were getting conflicting statements from participants and witnesses. There are a lot of facts yet to gather to determine what truly happened this morning.  My deputies believe alcohol played a major role in this violence.  Anytime you mix alcohol and guns, nothing good is going to happen.” 

The semi-automatic pistol allegedly used in the crime was recovered from the scene.  Both Dobbelaere and Brown were conscious when they were transported to the Paulding County Hospital and later transferred to other hospitals.  There is currently no update on their condition. 

Investigators are working with the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office to determine what charges will be filed in this case.