(8-18-21) The Mercer County Health District (MCHD) continues to see a significant increase in COVID-19 cases. The total August case count to date represents the highest number of cases per month since April of this year. While the recent rise in COVID-19 cases alone may not be extremely alarming, hospitalizations of Mercer County residents have also increased. The current number of Mercer County residents hospitalized with COVID-19 is the highest since May of this year.  In addition, the transmission rate in Mercer County continues to be high. A high transmission rate is defined as 100 or more new cases per 100,000 people in a 7-day period or a test positivity rate of 10% or higher. Mercer county has reported 150 cases per 100,000 people in the past seven days and has a test positivity rate of 14.88%.

While the COVID-19 transmission rate is at substantial or high levels, people are encouraged to wear a mask when in indoor public locations to protect themselves and others. Masks are most important when around people with weakened immune systems or increased risk of severe disease, and when distance cannot be maintained between people. While N95 masks offer protection to the wearer, surgical and cloth masks are most effective in controlling the release of droplets from those who may carry the virus by stopping the droplets before they separate into smaller particles capable of traveling through the air.

Last Friday, the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices advised that a third dose of mRNA vaccine can be given to immuno compromised individuals at least 28 days after they received the second shot in the two-dose series of Moderna or Pfizer vaccine. MCHD encourages interested individuals to consult with their physician to determine whether they are eligible for this third dose. When obtaining a third dose of COVID-19 vaccine at MCHD, the client will be required to complete a form documenting that they are eligible for the shot. No one will be required to disclose the specific health condition that makes them vulnerable.

Recent news stories and rumors indicate that the federal government may soon announce that everyone who received the first series of COVID-19 vaccine should get a booster shot after a period of time. Nothing official has been released on this. When credible information is received, MCHD will inform Mercer County residents through a media release and social media update.

The MCHD offers the COVID-19 vaccine every Friday at the MCHD office. Please call 419-586-3251 extension 1462 to ask questions or schedule an appointment.

As of August 18, 2021, the MCHD reports 4,267 confirmed cases, 813 probable cases, 4,058 recovered cases, 5 hospitalizations, 87 COVID-19 deaths, and 19 probable deaths of COVID-19. In addition, there have been 48 confirmed cases who have passed away due to causes other than COVID-19. Today, there are 76 known active cases of COVID-19 in Mercer County.

To best inform our community, MCHD will continue to publicly report the overall number of cases of COVID-19 among fully vaccinated individuals in addition to the hospitalized breakthrough cases that must be reported to the Ohio Department of Health. Today, the MCHD reports 12 confirmed and 9 probable cases of COVID-19 among fully vaccinated individuals. Of those individuals, two were hospitalized and have since recovered. All of the currently hospitalized individuals reported above are unvaccinated.

MonthNumber of Confirmed Cases
March (First case on 3/24)5 cases
April19 cases
May190 cases
June56 cases
July239 cases
August295 cases
September 284 cases
October545 cases
November1,116 cases
December635 cases 
January 2021388 cases
February 2021120 cases
March 202152 Cases
April 2021113 Cases
May 202164 Cases
June 202114 Cases
July 202134 Cases
August – Present98 Cases