(7-28-21) The flag pictured above was donated by the Rockford American Legion Post 508 in honor of the Rockford Bicentennial and is a replica of the USA flag of 1820 when Rockford was established.

Ohio was the 17th state entered into the United States on March 1, 1803. In 1820 there were 23 states represented
with the 23 stars.

Source: Historical Collections of Ohio, Vol. II

Historically this is an interesting spot. It is on the south bank of St. Mary’s river. Originally it was on or near the site of the Indian village Old Town. This was an old trading post held and conducted by the Indians prior to the war of 1812, and named from Anthony Shane, a half-breed Indian trader. At this spot Wayne’s army crossed going north, and the spot eventually became known as Shane’s Crossing. The United States granted a reservation here to Shane and he laid out a town on his land June 23, 1820; it was recorded at Greenville under the name of Shanesville, which it retained until 1866, when it was incorporated and took its original name as Shane’s Crossing. When the Shawnese left Ohio for Kansas, Shane, then a very old man, went with them. Shanesville, St. Mary’s and “Coil Town” were the early contestants for the seat of justice for the county. Coil Town passed away, became a cultivated field. The first term of court was held at Shanesville, Judge Low presiding; but St. Mary’s won the prize, and then it later passed to Celina.