(7-27-21) Gage Oakley’s Eagle Scout project was two Blessing Boxes. The boxes contain food for those in need and are set-up at Grand Lake United Methodist churches located in Montezuma and Celina.

These boxes are for anyone who may need food, even those Moms who may have forgotten Spaghetti Sauce at the store.

What is a Eagle Scout project?

What the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook says on that subject:

“Your project doesn’t have to be original, but it could be. It might be a construction, conservation, or remodeling project, or it could be the presentation of an event with a worthwhile purpose.

Conversations with your unit leader, teachers, your religious leader, or the leaders of various community organizations can also uncover ideas.

In any case, be sure the project presents a challenge that requires leadership, but also something that you can do with unskilled helpers, and within a reasonable period of time.”