(4-19-21) Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley (45) has made it official that she will be a candidate for Ohio Governor in the upcoming Democrat primary. She is the first to make it official.

Whaley becomes the first female major-party nominee to run for the Ohio governor office.

Whaley who once had very close ties during her time as Mayor with Republican Governor DeWine has changed her tune and now hopes to distance herself from him-

After the Dayton mass shooting in 2019, DeWine and Whaley worked together in 2019 and 2020 on gun control measures. The bill did not pass the GOP-controlled Ohio General Assembly.

“Mike DeWine says all the right things but when it is time for action, he caves to his political base – to the extremists in his political party. I’m interested in doing the tough job of leading. He’s just not strong enough to stand up to the extremists in the state.”

“I’m ready to do something. I’m ready to do something to take on gun violence. To fix a broken economy. To fight corruption and criminality in Columbus. ”

Ohio Republican Party Chairman Bob Paduchik said in a written statement:

“Under Nan Whaley’s failed leadership, Dayton’s violent crime has spiked, poverty has risen to one of the highest levels in the nation, and incompetent infrastructure management left hundreds of thousands of Daytonians without water for days. Now, Nan Whaley wants a promotion. Ohioans deserve leaders who serve to better our communities, not build their own political resumes.”

According to web site –

Leading Dayton’s comeback

When Nan was first elected Mayor in 2013, Dayton was at a low point. The factories had moved out and the opioids had moved in. But in Dayton, folks don’t run away from their problems. 

Under her leadership, Dayton has turned a corner. She brought folks together to take on the community’s toughest challenges, including tackling the opioid crisis, cutting overdose deaths by half and saving hundreds of lives. She led the fight to take on a broken education system and provide quality pre-k to every four-year-old in the city. Dayton has become vibrant again as new people and businesses move into the city. 

When you’re the mayor, you don’t have the luxury of saying, “that’s not my problem.” Over the last two years, Dayton has been tested again and again with crises like a KKK rally, a series of devastating tornadoes, and a senseless mass shooting that left 9 people dead. Each time, Nan stepped up and led her city through its hardest moments.