(3-3-21) Ohio US Rep. Jim Jordan’s (R-OH) campaign funding is presently under audit by the Federal Election Commission on recent campaign fundraising reports filed several years ago and amended reports filed earlier this year.

Several media sources reported the audit, but no official comment on the situation has been released from the FEC.

Jordan’s campaign manger Kevin Eichinger in a statement –

“The campaign has filed an amendment with the FEC to correct its campaign finance reports going back to 2018. There was never any money missing from the account. In fact, the campaign’s cash balance is actually higher than previously listed on the campaign finance reports. The error occurred when the former campaign treasurer inadvertently double-reported certain fundraising expenses. When the error was discovered, the campaign hired an outside expert to conduct a comprehensive audit and file the appropriate amendments.”

Jordan raised $733,416 in the two years before President Trump took office and spent $422,967, leaving $1.2 million, his campaign took in $1,241,417 and spent $1,809,464 in the next two years.

During 2019-2020, Jordan brought in $18,637,140 and spent $13,268,96.

Eichinger commented on the higher financial support.

“The outpouring of nationwide support for our message is why we are raising a ton more money. It wasn’t like we were actively looking to raise more money. There was an organic outpouring of support. We needed to put in place the operation to handle that kind of influx.”