(2-17-21) The Ohio Senate approved Ohio Senate Bill 22 Wednesday afternoon passing the Senate, 25-8; well above a super-majority. All Republicans voted “yes..

Introduced by Republican State Senator Rob McColley, the bill would create a six-member committee that could vote to rescind any health orders issued. If lawmakers did nothing the health orders would expire after 90 days or they could vote to extend them for 60 days. And if an order gets rescinded, the Governor couldn’t re-issue the same order for another 90 days.

Governor Mike DeWine says with new variants of the COVID-19 vaccines in the state, this is not the right time to cut his and the health department’s authority to issue health orders.

DeWine said –

“It also has long-term ramifications well beyond this Governor, well beyond this Health Department, well beyond this pandemic. It is also, when you look at it, the Legislative Service Commission has raised constitutional questions about it, in something that they wrote. It is in my opinion not constitutional, I think it would be a grave grave mistake”

DeWine vetoed the first bill in December. Both the Ohio House and Senate have enough Republican votes to override his veto if he does it again.