(1-25-21) Lima Democrat Jeff Sites announced today that he was officially going to oppose current Ohio 4th Congressional District US House Representative Jim Jordan (R) in 2022.

In a Sites tweet today-

Jim Jordan’s gotten himself lots of attention for being hyper-partisan and a dangerous extremist. He’s helped a lot of major donors pad their bank accounts. He’s been the best co-conspirator Trump could ask for. But he hasn’t done squat for Ohio in 14 years in Washington.

Sites supports LGBTQ rights, that climate change needs to be addressed and that a single payer health care system would help address coverage and cost issues. Heis concerned about the deficit, and supports the Second Amendment while believing the nation needs to have a conversation about gun violence.

In a tweet today Sites replied to a Jim Jordan tweet on travel ban just implemented by President Biden –

That’s because the Biden Administration also took further action to address this national crisis. They didn’t just implement a travel ban and pretend everything was fixed. Donald Trump refused to do his job with this pandemic. Americans died because of it.

Since announcing he was running again Sites has raised $140,000 from almost 3,000 different contributors. In a failed Democrat primary run against Shannon Freshour in 2020 Sites collected more than $400,000 and had 29% of the vote.