CELINA-The latest update from the Mercer County Health District on the COVID 19 situation.

Deaths in Mercer county-

60th resident to die from COVID-19 was an 89-year-old female from Rockford

61st resident to die from COVID-19 was a 69-year-old male from Fort Recovery

18th probable death from COVID-19 was a 99-year-old female from Celina

The MCHD received first round of COVID-19 vaccine on Tuesday, December 22. Due to the limited supply of vaccine, the first phase (Phase 1A) of administration will focus on critical groups who are at an especially high risk of exposure or severe illness.  The vaccine is not available to the general public at this time. The MCHD is working with those in Phase 1A to be vaccinated next week.

Yesterday, Governor DeWine announced Phase 1B of Ohio’s vaccine distribution plan. This phase includes those 65 years old and older, those living with severe congenital, developmental, or early-onset medical disorders, and adults working in schools. This includes teachers, bus drivers, custodians, and other adults who work in the school buildings. The second phase of vaccinations is anticipated to start around mid-January.

The MCHD continues to work through our plans and will update the public as more information becomes available. At this time, we ask that you do not call the MCHD to request the COVID-19 vaccination unless you qualify for Phase 1A and have not been contacted yet. Your continued patience is appreciated as we work through the vaccination process.

The MCHD continues to see a decrease in the total of new confirmed cases daily as well as the number of individuals being tested. While this news is certainly encouraging, it is important that we all remain diligent in our efforts to protect against COVID-19. As we head into the Christmas holiday weekend, it’s important to make responsible choices about holiday gatherings.  If you chose to gather, we urge you to keep your gatherings as small as possible. The virus can spread during shared meals and traditional holiday activities involving multiple generations.

As of December 24, 2020, the Mercer County Health District (MCHD) reports 3,232 confirmed cases, 570 probable cases, 2,976 recovered cases, 26 pending cases, 15 hospitalizations, 61 deaths, and 18 probable deaths of COVID-19. There have been 10 confirmed cases who have passed away due to causes other than COVID-19. Currently, there are 178 active cases of COVID-19 in Mercer County.

Effective yesterday, the COVID-19 dashboard is no longer being updated. The MCHD is working on a plan to continue to share information that had previously been shared on the dashboard at www.mchdohio.org.

So that staff can relax and enjoy the holiday weekend with their families, MCHD will not be managing COVID-19 cases over the Christmas holiday weekend.  The office will close at 11:30 AM today and will reopen on Monday, December 28. MCHD does not anticipate issuing press releases or daily social media updates during this time. 

MonthNumber of Confirmed Cases
March (First case on 3/24)5 cases
April19 cases
May190 cases
June56 cases
July239 cases
August295 cases
September 283 cases
October544 cases
November1,114 cases
December – present487 cases