photos by Nikki Fox

(11-4-20) On October 11,2020  the Rockford Historic Mural was dedicated to the Rockford Community as a BIRTHDAY GIFT” to Rockford in celebration of the 200th Bicentennial.  

The Mural was completed on July 4, 2020 by Artist Dan Keyes.   More information on the presentation and the mural can be found at

Those who donated time and efforts toward the Rockford Bicentennial Mural-

Norm Van Tilburg, President of the Shane Crossing Historical Society
Mike Schuum, Rockford Bicentennial Chairman

Twyla Hayes, Rockford Bicentennial Mural Organizer
Dan Keyes, Artist
Harrison Frech, Historian

Rockford Fire Department
Rob Belna
Dick Pontius
Barb and Mike Pedroza
Janet and Mike Riley
Kevin LaBrun
Rob Russell
Ted Samaniego
Stober Farm

Barb Bowen
Nancy Leighner
Pete Hayes
Austin Barna
Jordan Belna
Bob Maurer
Aaron Fent, A&A Greenhouse
Andy Fent, A&A Greenhouse
Chad Ransbottom
Blair Shaffer, Village Worker
Joe Roth, Village Worker
Larry Stephenson, Benches
Johnny Harrod, Mercer Metal
Brand It Marketing. design of display board and brochures