(Decatur, IN) 10-28-20 – Early Monday morning at approximately 12:30am, Indiana State Police Trooper Anthony Repass turned an otherwise “routine” traffic stop for speeding, into the subsequent arrest of the driver for possession of child pornography.  

  • Possession of Child Pornography, a Level 5 Felony
  • Possession of Child Pornography, a Level 6 Felony

Gabriel Krochkow (18) of Berne, was stopped by Trooper Repass for an observed speeding violation on US27 in Decatur.  During the course of the traffic stop, a consensual search of Krochkow’s vehicle ultimately led to the discovery of material that was pornographic in nature, which led Repass to take more in depth investigative measures.  Krochkow was transported to the Adams County Sheriff’s department for further questioning.  At the conclusion of the investigation, enough information had been established to substantiate the arrest of Kruchkow on preliminary charges related to the possession of child pornography. 

Kruchkow was placed under arrest and booked into custody of the Adams County jail, where he was to be held pending an initial hearing on the matter.