(6-27-20) ‘Same Pain’  is the 1st single off of Lori Triplett‘s forthcoming EP, “Slow Poison.” Triplett, who now lives in Nashville, is a native of St. Marys.

I couldn’t be more excited to set this free into the world right now! This song was written to gently remind us all how our struggles and pain can be a great unifier. I had no idea when this was written what a timely message it would be when it would finally be released. We are all more alike than we sometimes realize and we all experience pain in this wild life. And chances are, someone somewhere out there is feeling the same pain you are. So friends, remember you’re never alone and if we all let love and grace win at the end of the day, maybe this crazy world can start to heal itself little by little. 🤍 I hope you love it as much as I loved creating it.

Available for download on all major platforms.