(5-6-20) Ohio Governor Mike DeWine announced a surprise cut to the state budget on Tuesday in the next two months because of plummeting revenue due to the pandemic, with education (state-funded schools, colleges and universities) across the state seeing a large percentage of those cuts. Many school districts have already had issues with funding, this last minute cut will enhance those problems.

In hind-sight Celina’s Board of Education’s vote to not run a school construction levy again in August was the best move at this time. The levy was nearly defeated over a week ago.

DeWine’s cuts called for $465 million into education, 60 percent of the $775 million in cuts that he announced.

In the two county area two schools lost over a half-million dollars. Celina lost the highest amount in budget income, $573,042, next was Wapakoneta with $549,857.


  • Celina $573,042
  • Coldwater $229,453
  • Ft. Recovery $173,240
  • Marion Local $163,744
  • Parkway $202,694
  • St. Henry $190,736


  • Minster $184,839
  • New Bremen $154,324
  • New Knoxville $80,746
  • St. Marys $388,060
  • Wapakoneta $549,857
  • Waynesfield-Goshen $90,344