(5-5-20) At a Special Meeting of the Celina City Schools Board of Education Tuesday afternoon at the Administration Building, the BOE in a split vote of 3 to 2 voted against placing the recently delayed defeated school building levy back on the August Ballot.


The levy was recently voted down by a small margin after the initial election was postponed due to the pandemic. The vote was held on April 28th with voters mailing in their votes due to social distancing issues with voting on site.

According to Celina Schools Superintendent Dr. Ken Schmiesing some members thought the recent pandemic had placed the district voters in some tight financial situations and increased unemployment it had caused. Thoughts were it would not be a good time to try again.

The BOE vote on the levy saw Board Members Barb Vorhees and President Bill Sell vote yes, both are former employees and retired from the Celina School District . Board members Matt Gilmore, Carl Huber and Deb Guingrich voted no.




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