(2-21-20) A Celina teen, Lauren Jean (Schroeder), tweeted in January about her audition on this year’s 2020 American Idol on ABC.

American Idol is currently on every Sunday night at 8pm on ABC, the first episode in 2020 was last Sunday night (February 16). The judges again this year are Katy Perry, Lionel Ritchie and Luke Bryan. Lauren’s audition did not appear in the season opening episode.

The show has produced numerous singing stars over the year, including Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underworld.

In an interview with Lima’s Hometown Station’s Lauren Jean talked about her AI experience-

“I was just like freaking out. I talked about my obsessions. I ended up playing a classical piece on the piano. It was insane. I talked about astrology with Katy Perry I think.”

Lauren who will turn 17 tomorrow (2-22-20) is very well known in the Stateline area as she won the 12th Annual Ohio Has Talent in 2019.

Lauren Jean, like many young singers, has used social media to promote the many songs she has written and produced videos on You Tube.

Recently she released a new single

World of No Pleasing on You Tube

The future looks bright for Lauren Jean as she approaches a national presence via American Idol that could open the next door.