(1-27-20) The Greater Grand Lake Region Visitors Center has kicked off a new promotion aimed at drawing visitors to our area to enjoy great hospitality and locally crafted beverages. The Grand Lake Brews-N-Vines Trail features a free digital passport system. It is very convenient, you carry it with you as long as you have your phone. The system allows participants to check in to the featured local breweries, wineries and coffee shops. It also allows the venues to offer their potential customers specials, discounts and incentives, if they choose to do so. Once a participant visits 10 out of the 14 venues, they will receive a free Grand Lake Brews-N-Vines Trail tee shirt.

Donna Grube, Executive Director of the Greater Grand Lake Region Visitors Center, said the goal is to promote our local businesses that provide great hospitality and unique experiences and entice potential visitors to come to Auglaize and Mercer Counties to enjoy their offerings. She added that locally crafted beverages; wine, beer and coffee, are very popular. People enjoy visiting the venues and tasting these creations. The Visitors Center believes that while they are in the area these folks will also want to explore all the other attractions and amenities that we have to offer.

Participating locations include:
Breweries: Moeller Brew Barn, Tailspin Brewery, Lake Rat Brewing, Gongoozlers Brewery and Second Crossing Brew Co.
Wineries: The Vineyard at Evergreen Farm, 5 Vines Winery and the Winery at Versailles
Coffee Houses: New Bremen Coffee Company, Brew Nation, Winans Chocolates + Coffee, Cloud Nine Café, Hazelnut Coffee and Rooster Joe Coffee & Co.
More information and to sign up for a free passport is available at

For more information contact Donna Grube at 419-394-1294 or