Accepting the award is Director Jared Ebbing

Kansas City, Missouri (11-20–19) Mercer County Community and Economic Development Department received the 2019 NREDA Organization Excellence Award for implementing a successful rural economic development program for their area.

Dennis Mingyar, NREDA Awards Committee Chair

“In addition to success with building a young and vibrant workforce for the future, The Mercer County Community and Economic Development Department has excelled at the traditional economic development task of attracting and growing businesses.”

Mingyar presented the award at the association’s 2019 NREDA Annual Conference with more than 150 members in attendance.

Mercer County Community and Economic Development Department was chosen by a national selection committee representing electric and telephone cooperatives and local economic development organizations from across the nation. NREDA is a vital network of rural economic development professionals providing expertise and national leadership on rural issues.  

NREDA is an organization of economic development professionals focused upon the issues and opportunities of rural America. It is dedicated to meeting the unique needs of its membership through ongoing education and networking programs, while serving as an information source and conduit for developers, site selectors and prospective businesses to NREDA members and the areas they serve. For more information about NREDA visit or contact NREDA headquarters at (515) 284-1421.