(11-20-19) Chris Gibbs, who worked for the Mercer County Farm Service Agency for over 25 years, past chair of the Shelby County Republican party  and a farmer, announced today that he is launching an exploratory committee to consider running against Jim Jordan as an Independent for Ohio’s 4th Congressional District.

Signing on to work for the campaign are Republican pollster Christine Matthews and Democratic media consultant Joe Trippi.

From chrisgibbsohio.com

I was born right here in Ohio, and I built my farm and my life in Shelby County, where my mother and father taught me the values I still try to live out today—things like not spending more than you take in, being as good as your word, and remembering where you came from. And, the most important rule: if you want to get things done, you’ve got to bring people together.

 Farming in my family goes back generations and today I own and operate Gibbs Farms with my wife Deb, son, Jason, and daughter-in-law Shelby. We raise soybeans, alfalfa, and corn, as well as 145 acres of pasture for 95 head of beef cows.

I’m considering a run for Congress as an Independent because we’re falling far short of these values. Nowhere is that more evident than in Ohio’s 4th Congressional District, where the incumbent, Jim Jordan, keeps choosing his party bosses over the people who sent him to Congress.

Politicians from both parties have let us down and left us behind. Most of us here in Ohio are caught in the middle. We’re tired of being swept up in partisan bickering because we aren’t on either side of the political extremes. What we need is an independent voice, not a party voice. Someone who will listen, someone who will respond, someone who will understand.