(4-30-19) Minster Junior/Senior High School Principal Dr. Jason Spencer was  placed on paid administrative leave last Friday.  Spencer will remain on leave until his school board approved resignation date of July 31st. Spencer’s resignation was accepted at the Minster  Schools Board of Education meeting on March 18th. Spencer held that position for two years starting in 2017.

Based on his annual salary of a little over $94,000 a year, the school system will pay him an estimated $23,000 for – May, June and July.

Spencer previously spent two years as principal of The Villages Charter School in Florida. Prior to that he was principal at Buckeye Valley and Worthington City Schools. He served as an assistant principal at Seminole (Florida) County Public Schools and was a teacher in the Orange (Florida) County Public Schools from 1999 to 2007.

According to Minster School Superintendent Brenda Boecke in a statement about the decision to place Spencer on leave:

There is no district investigation involving Spencer or District staff

Spencer is leaving the Minster School District to take an administrative position with a school district in the Cincinnati area.