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In the past, there was great effort by residents and the LIA to secure the frozen ground legislation. Recent scientific evidence proved that the legislation is slightly working to prevent nutrients from being washed into Grand Lake St. Marys. It was a very small improvement but it was helping. Under the guise of standardizing the manure application rules, the Ohio Department of Agriculture proposed eliminating the “frozen ground legislation”.

Today, the Joint Committee of Agency Rule and Review (JCARR) voted down the rule change. Though a small victory for stopping the polluting of GLSM, it was a huge victory for those citizens who are fighting for clean water in our watershed. It is huge because for once in the decades of the fight for clean water in GLSM, this is one of two victories versus the countless losses. The first significant win was the passage of the “frozen ground legislation” and the second victory is the fight to keep it on the books.

As Benjamin Harrison stated, “The bud of victory is always in the truth.” The Guardians of Grand Lake St. Marys has always operated from the facts, or the truth, about the polluting of Grand Lake St. Marys. This has been the standard we set for the organization when it was newly formed and we have never deviated from that standard.

I’m proud of the effort that we have made to keep the truth in front of the public and local and state officials. Our efforts to do this has is the foundation of our credibility which in turn is the foundation of our integrity. I applaud all of our members who are supportive of our efforts.