Brendan Poling

(8-21-18) The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation has issued four citations to the Village of Mendon, after a village employee Brendan Poling (49) was killed in an industrial accident in February of this year. The incident took place at the Mendon water treatment facility after he climbed into the bed of a dump truck filled with salt and slipped into the salt auger.

The four citations:

  • for not establishing a program for servicing and maintaining the dump truck auger/spreader
  • allowing an employee to perform maintenance on the salt auger/spreader while it was still running
  • leaving the equipment with a 7 1/4″ opening unguarded
  • for not maintaining incident report forms according to instructions on the forms.

According to The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, all of the violations were fixed during the inspection and no other penalties were imposed against the Village. Up to $500.00 a day fine for each violation could have been imposed if the issues were not corrected after the results of the investigation were concluded.