lima rankings

A share is the percentage of those listening to radio in the MSA who are listening to a particular radio station.

Note- WMMX is a Dayton station, WCKY is a Pemberville station (Toledo market), WVKS-FM is a Toledo station. Woof Boom station WCIT-AM does not appear in the ratings (reason unknown)

(7-24-18) The most recent Nielsen radio ratings for the Lima area market were released yesterday. These numbers are from the Spring report, Lima stations are only rated twice during the year. Only radio groups who buy the ‘book’ are publicly released by Nielsen (see above), other stations are rated, but only stations who pay for the ‘book’ see the complete listings.

The above is based on listeners from age 12 and above and are based on listening from Sunday-Monday 6am to Midnight, a complete book has ratings based on numerous other time slots and demographics. Out of market stations do have some effect on the above numbers.

Only two groups buy the Lima book, Woof Boom Radio of Lima ( four rated stations) and the national group iHeart Media (eight rated stations).  Three of the eight iHeart stations rated are from outside of the Lima market.

Six of the twelve stations rated from the Spring book saw a drop in their numbers, with WFGF-FM losing the most numbers from the Fall with a 5.9 to 4.5 for this period. iHeart’s WBKS-FM was the biggest gainer moving from 7.0 to 7.8. Both of these stations are country formatted. Only three of the eight Lima market stations saw slight increases.

WIMT-FM is by far the most listened to station from the Lima Market with a 16.2 share, 8.4 ahead of #2 WBKS-FM with a 7.8 share, both are iHeart stations.