Celina, OH  — 01/16/2018 –Celina Tent has finished the new 100,000 square foot Distribution Center on their 58 acre campus in Celina, Ohio. This consolidates all of their manufacturing, kitting, and shipping into one area and will allow for sweeping changes in the efficiency and easy with which business can be handled.

The Distribution Center has been designed and equipped with state-of-the-art stocking equipment for maximum efficiency.

Randy Garman, Celina’s Director of Finance

“Celina Tent’s new distribution center will allow us to process and ship orders more efficiently than ever. It’s been laid out to allow us increased speed in all aspects of our shipping and receiving functions. Separating our shipping and receiving areas – now located at opposite ends of the building – will provide our employees with more space and less clutter, letting them to be more efficient and accurate when packing and shipping orders. New equipment, selective pallet racking and cantilever racking have allowed us to utilize the full 43′ tall height of our building, nearly tripling the storage capacity we had at our previous warehouse.

“The new offices in the distribution center will not only be home to the logistics department but will also house the accounting and purchasing departments, putting the individuals responsible for inventory management on location. These individuals will use new warehouse management software to handle inventory and keep track of all inbound and outbound shipments.

“We believe this investment in building, equipment and technology will not only allow us to expand our business into new product lines, but also puts our distribution capabilities ahead of anyone in our industry.”

Due to the wide variety of product that passes through the distribution portion of the business, Celina is gearing much of the equipment and processes toward the handling of complicated or ‘ugly’ freight. This includes shipments that have been kitted with all required materials, but said materials are often very disparate in nature and difficult to contain in simple, easy to ship boxes. Our new machinery has been oriented with this style of distribution in mind.

Also located in the new Distribution Center is the new dedicated and secure IT/Server complex. With the proliferation of requests for online data availability, a secure storage area is required for all of Celina’s graphics storage, video files, ecommerce information, and engineering materials used in the day-to-day operation of manufacturing, sales, marketing. This added protection to our electronic footprint allows Celina to give every customer protection for their personal information and privacy regarding their product details.

All aspects of the new center, from the energy-saving LED motion-sensor-controlled lighting to the modern dock locks and trailer restraint systems, will ensure an efficient and safe working environment to all warehouse personnel and surge manufacturing and kitting workers.