9:44 AM – 1-2-18

The following was received at the Outlook from Jen Simonson on Messenger:

i received the link (Outlook Story) last night however because the original post receive over 17k shares…i’ve been flooded with messages. Thank you for checking…I am safe. i never intended to “run away” i was never in any danger and i know a lot of people were and still are very concerned about me. i am very sorry so many people got involved but i do appreciate you sharing to get me home safely. if there is any way that you can mention when you update that the family and friends request and need privacy for this very personal matter that unfortunately blew up and went viral. ive been receiving a lot of very hurtful message and accusations and it has to stop. thank you

It is good news that Simonson is safe and sound.  Also, that Facebook can be used to help in situations like this, when properly used. The 17,000 replies were a positive sign that many folks cared about her and prayed for her safety.  The ‘dark side’ was some of the very negative things being posted about what should have a private situation.

Lessons learn can help in the future for everyone.

7:21 AM 1-2-18

No verification yet on this issue, should we get tone we will update this story. Last night over 10,000 shares on the Adam Montgomery posting on Facebook with the original posting below.  The story was shared across the US.

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(1-1-18) Posted tonight on Facebook – she is from Findlay, but now lives in Dayton.

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