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Mercer County Economic Development Larry Stelzer told the Cincinnati Enquirer in July of 1998

“Just about everybody has a friend or a neighbor or a relative who’s worked at Huffy. The closure’s going to impact the whole community. It’s a big hit for Celina; a lot of buying power’s going to dry up; but more than that, people are going to be out of work. This is big-time emotional stuff.”

That was a dark time in Celina and Mercer County when Huffy’s first moved to Missouri and then went south of the border to Mexico and finally bikes are now being made in China.

This week Huffy’s has announced that they are leaving their current headquarters in Centerville to a 50,000-square-foot headquarters in Miami Twp. The move according to a Dayton Daily News story will give the company 40 percent more space to design and showcase its sample bikes. Around 100 employees will work at the facility.

Bill Smith, Huffy Corp. president and chief executive officer

“For the past decade, the Centerville location handled our growth; we’ve simply outgrown our current building.”

“The Miami Twp. building is ideal for our home operations which allows us more room and better facilities for our new business initiatives and planned growth. We can expand and stretch the footprint of marketing, sales and operations to meet our growing needs. All of our product innovations and creative designs happen right here in Dayton, Ohio, and the new space gives us more flexibility for our customer meetings.”

Huffy’s is also  in the midst of celebrating 125 years as a bicycle manufacturer, but no mention of Celina, the location of their main plant for many years,  that would leave over 1,000 employees out of work.

The good news for Celina and Mercer County was when Crown came to town several years later and took over the former Huffy’s plant. Crown continues to be a privately owned company that uses American workers from the local area and has help to boost the Mercer County economy.

From July 2017 State Report

Among the state’s 88 counties, preliminary July 2017 unemployment rates ranged
from a low of 3.5 percent in Mercer County to a high of 8.7 percent in Trumbull

Despite Huffy’s forgetting its Celina history, Mercer County survived the company leaving town and now has a business, Crown, that embraces the workmanship of local employees.

Mercer County Economic Development Larry Stelzer(1998)

“I think you’ll see a lot less Huffy bikes on the street.”