Delaware County Council Meeting April 25th 2023

Delaware County Government – You Tube Video

(4-26-23- Just across the Stateline in Muncie, Indiana an uproar has started.

Earlier this month Ryan Webb a white male, Republican Delaware County Council member announced on Facebook that he would be identifying as a ‘woman of color‘ in the future.

The past several weeks since that posting has been one of conflict between the two sides.

Last night at a County Council meeting there was an out cry on Webb’s statement and his current situation.

Students Demand Action of Burris Laboratory School spoke at the meeting. Six students approached the podium and demanded Webb’s resignation, with one student saying people like Webb make the process of figuring who one is more difficult.

Charlize Jamieson (67), a transgender female who lives in Webb’s council district in a Star-Tribune story said in an earlier statement-

“In an effort to make fun of Transgender/Non-Binary individuals, Ryan Webb ‘came out’ on social media as a ‘Lesbian Woman of Color,.Since his initial post, he has doubled down, repeatedly, on his ‘status.’ He has a history of making transphobic comments, so it was very easy to see through his bigotry.”