(4-4-23) Tri Star held a fun craft night and scavenger hunt Thursday evening to introduce third and fourth graders and their parents to Tri Star and its programs. Twenty third and fourth graders, plus their parents, attended the first of its kind event. The students, with the help of their parents, crafted a decorative wooden chick and, while the paint dried on that project, they enjoyed a scavenger hunt throughout the Tri Star building. A clue to each of 13 programs was provided and participants had to determine which program matched the clue. Once they found the correct classroom, they added a sticker to their check-off chart and picked up a small gift representative of the program until they had explored all 13 programs.

Hoppin’ Around Tri Star participants with their handcrafted chicks and fthe Early Childhood students who volunteered at the event.

Among the treasures that the students collected were a moveable skeletal dinosaur that Tri Star’s engineering class 3D printed, metal “Legos” machined by the precision machining class, and a miniature welding helmet plaque which was laser cut by the welding class.  By the end of the evening, the third and fourth graders had a sport-backpack full of treasures as well as their very own hand-crafted chick to take home.  

Many thanks to Early Childhood juniors Ali Brunswick, Abby Diller, and Kenadie Ervin, seniors Lydia Dippold, Norah Duerr, Abigail Garrity, Raven Harris, Shalynn Liette, Havin Montague, and Ross Pearson, their instructor, Mandy Diller, and Career Development/Adult Ed. Coordinator, Marcia Helentjaris, who organized and volunteered at the event.  Additional photos of the event can be found on Tri Star’s website (www.tristarcareercompact.com) and Facebook ( https://www.facebook.com/tristarcc).  Tri Star hopes to offer another such event next fall so watch for details!


These handcrafted items were just a few of the treasures that the third and fourth graders collected on their scavenger hunt.