(4-27-22) Mercer County Sheriff  Jeff Grey is asking for the public’s help to prevent the spread of the Avian Bird Flu.  The Avian Bird Flu has effected 29 states so far.   Grey advised that local poultry farmers have been educated on measures they can take to limit or stop the spread of the flu.  The farmers are working hard to prevent this spread and we are asking for all citizens to be mindful of their actions.  We are asking everyone to please not enter the property of another person without their permission.  

Small things such as riding your ATV on another person’s property or trespassing can carry this flu virus onto a farmers property.   We have a very large poultry presence in our county and this could be devastating to the local farmers.  

Grey is asking for neighbors to help neighbors by respecting each other’s property and livestock by not trespassing.  As a reminder Trespassing is a Misdemeanor of the fourth degree which is punishable up to 30 days in jail and a $250.00 fine.