UPDATED: (8-11-21)

Deputy Report for Incident

FINAL CASE DISPOSITION (Mercer County Sheriff’s Office) On August 10, 2021 I overheard on the radio Dispatch sending the squad to 2193 Coldwater Creek Rd in reference to a subject that had passed out at a pit. I then began to respond when we were advised that there were now three subjects in the pit and all three were not moving. Deputy Heinl and I then responded to the scene. While en route a First Responder had called Dispatch requesting that St Henry Fire Department and there second Squad and Coldwater Squad be dispatched. St Henry Fire then requested that Chickasaw Fire Department be Dispatched along with Celina Fire Department Dive Team. Celina Fire Department then did respond with a Dive Team and an additional Squad. I was also later advised that Chickasaw had also called for New Bremen Rescue. An Air Ambulance was also called to the scene and Later Diverted to the Hospital where a Second Air Ambulance had been called.

When I arrived on scene Deputy Heinl showed me where the pit was and we awaited for the Fire Department and the rescue equipment. When they arrived we then assisted with getting the three subjects out of the manure pit and into the care of the EMS members. I was informed that the three subjects were brothers and that the names of the victims were Gary Wuebker(37), Brad Wuebker(35), and Todd Wuebker(31). Gary was the first victim to be found and pulled out of the pit, then Brad then Todd.

After the squads had left I remained on scene with the fire Department as they requested I wait until there Fire Chief arrive. I then spoke with him about the incident and we spoke with Dave Wuebker who stated he had received a call from Brad stating that Gary was in the pit. When I had talked to him initially he was unsure at that time if both Gary and Todd were in the pit or not at this point but when he had arrived all three were in the pit.

When the Fire Chief Matt Lefeld arrived the Captain in charge of the scene and I went over the incident with him based one what we both had found out. I then stood by while Chief Lefeld spoke with some family members and then spoke with some media personnel. I then cleared the scene.

I had later learned that Two of the brothers had died at the hospital, Gary and Todd.

SUPPLEMENTAL NARRATIVE The following Morning I was advised by Sgt Etgen that he had received a call from The Deputy Coroner from Allen County Indiana stating that Brad had died at a hospital in there Jurisdiction last evening.

Last:    WUEBKER First:    BRAD Mid:    RICHARD DOB:    06/20/86 Address:    5059 KREMER HOYING RD Race:    W Sex:    M Phone:    ( ) – City:    St Henry, OH 45883 Involved Person 16596 :   

Last:    WUEBKER First:    TODD Mid:    MICHAEL DOB:    02/08/90 Address:    6218 ST RTE 274 Race:    W Sex:    M Phone:    ( ) – City:    Celina, OH 45822 Involved Person 47427 :   

Last:    WUEBKER First:    GARY Mid:    D DOB:    06/27/84 Address:    2319 COLDWATER CREEK RD Race:    W Sex:    M Phone:    ( ) – City:    St Henry, OH 4588308/11/21

UPDATED: (8-11-21) Three St. Henry brothers have died from a farming accident in a manure pit Tuesday afternoon at a livestock operation at 2319 Coldwater Creek Road, after they had passed out in a manure pit. The three brothers, Gary, Todd and Brad Wuebker, had been performing maintenance on a pump at the time.

First responders pulled the three men from the manure pit and rushed them to Mercer Health. One of the brothers was transported to a hospital in Fort Wayne. All three passed away after life-saving efforts failed.

Their arrangements are pending with a local funeral home.

A mass for the family was held Tuesday Evening. Another mass will be held tonight at 7 pm at the St. Henry Catholic Church.

(8-10-21) St Henry Fire Chief Matt Lefeld reports that a call was received at approximately 12:30 pm at 2319 Coldwater Creek Road.

When the first responders arrived they found three men were passed out in a manure pit at the livestock farm near St. Henry.

Rescue personnel used ropes and ladders and were able to pull out the three men and transported them to Mercer Health in Coldwater.

No reports on the conditions of the three men.